Mitsubishi WT-42311 Service Manual

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What's in this manual: introduction, product safety notice, safety precautions, cabinet disassembly, servicing the lenticular screen and fresnel lens, servicing pcbs, crt replacement, electrical adjustments, chip parts replacement, replacement parts, circuitry block diagrams

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Mitsubishi WT-42311 Schematic Diagrams - VK20 Chassis

Overall PCB Block Diagram, PCB-MAIN, PCB-POWER, PCB-TERMINAL (Input Switch), PCB-TERMINAL (3DYC / Decoders), PCB-SIGNAL-1 (AV I/O), PCB-SIGNAL-2 (MICRO), PCB-SIGNAL-3 (VCJ), PCB-SIGNAL-4 (Convergence Generator), PCBs, CONTROL / CRTs / DBF / PREAMP / SVM / UNI, PCB-DOUBLER-1 (Input), PCB-DOUBLER-2 (Main), PCB-DOUBLER-3 (Output)

This PDF download of the Mitsubishi WT-42311 Service Manual was added by Bob to help you diagnose and repair the VK20 Chassis and last updated Wed Jun 18 2014.